Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Cousin Christmas

Every year since my mom and her sister started their families, we've celebrated Christmas together. Many of my favorite Christmas memories comes from this very special group of people, my aunt, uncle and cousins. (I love them, love them, love them.)

This year we gathered at Tom and Dianna's house. Such fun! Good food, crazy cousins, LOTS of laughs, and to top it all off, Evan taught Tom how to play Plants vs. Zombies. I'm sure he always wanted to learn that. :)
Miss Megan was a little stingy with her smiles, but my mom got her going by tickling her toes. :)
Don't these two look good in grey?
Caroline and Grandpa
The kids' table
Who brought the walruses?!
The adults' table...what a fun group!
Skyping with Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob, who live down in Florida
The girls! (My mom, Dianna, Mary, me and Caroline)
My family (Dave, me, Seth, Henry, Evan and Caroline)
Mary, Pat and Megan
Dianna, Brianna, Tom, Henry and Jake...Congratulations on your engagement, Henry and Brianna!
My mom and!
Happy New Year, family and friends!

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