Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Basketball Stars

I am sooooo excited about the winter basketball season! Seth had his second basketball practice tonight, and he LOVES it! His coaches have been really encouraging, and apparently from what others have said about them, they make sure that all of the kids get to play equally in the game. They said that their goal is to teach all of the kids basketball, not just to win games by only having the good kids play. I am thankful that he is having a good first experience with this game. His first game is on Saturday, and we can't wait!
Miss Caroline has really been enjoying her cheer practice as well. She and I have been practicing her cheers at home using the tutorials that have been posted online. She is on the same squad with all of her best friends, and even carpools with them, so she is as happy as a clam. To top it all off, she got to be in a lift tonight! She gets to cheer in her first game next weekend.

Henry and Evan are not playing a winter sport, which in some ways is a good thing. Two kids in a sport per season is plenty...and their turn will come in the spring. :) Looking forward to track for Henry and baseball for Evan.

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Monkee said...

We are doing basketball this year for the first time too! Kids love it! I hope they do well and play their hardest this weekend! :)