Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Success and More News

We went to visit Santa at our town's Christmas Stroll last night. I prepared Evan by telling him that he could sit on Santa's lap to tell him what he wanted for Christmas (Buzz Lightyear, by the way). He seemed OK with it, that is until we got close to our turn. Evan informed me that he was not going to sit on Santa's lap, he was just going to stand by him. Then, a little boy who went just before us started crying just as he was placed on Santa's lap. Evan told me, "That baby is crying. I am not going to cry. I am a BIG BOY." Last year, our youngest spent .000000001 second on Santa's lap. This year Evan sat on the big guy's lap for as long as we wanted. That is PROGRESS!

The 4 Nosek kiddos (hat-heads and all) with Santa--Wow, was it a cold night!
Seth, Evan and Caroline with our library mascot, Watson
Firefighter Evan

This is why we always turn off our Christmas tree lights. Our firefighters did a controlled Christmas tree burn that made quite an impression.

A local bank set up a life-sized Candy Land game. What a fun night!
Finally, if you are following our Christmas lights news story...MSNBC ran it, as well as the Daily Mail over in the UK! Click here, or more specifically here, for a link to their article. picked it up too...How funny to open my email and find this...(Click for a close up.)

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