Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After and the Attack of Broccoli Boy

The day after Christmas...we always spend it in our pajamas, putting together and playing with all of the new toys.

Caroline was so excited to use her new paper roll, paint and drop cloth from Santa.
She even let her brother try his hand at it.
Paparazzi followed us everywhere today, with the kids trying out new cameras.
Seth snuggled up in my new Snuggie.
Dave and Caroline put together her new Barbie dollhouse, complete with winding staircase and elevator.
We ate dinner, still in our pajamas. Scalloped potatoes (with the ham from Christmas dinner), applesauce and broccoli were on the menu tonight. Evan mainly passed on everything BUT the broccoli. When I was a little girl, my favorite food was broccoli (oddly enough), and Evan definitely takes after his mother. He ate his helping, then came over to my lap asking for mine.
He then moved on to Henry's plate...(WARNING: The kid is CRAZY in this clip!)

and then to Caroline's. We couldn't stop him. It was honestly too funny that a 3 year old would like broccoli THAT MUCH. The kids have now dubbed him...
"BROCCOLI BOY." Hey, he earned that one.

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