Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is this not the sweetest...

...personalization of a snowblock maker that you've ever seen?!
Dave told the kids that on the first day of snow this year he would give them a present. A couple of days ago, when it snowed, the kids reminded him of his promise. With great fanfare, Dave handed out snowblock makers to each of the kids. The kids were so excited, but quickly noticed that they were all purple. To tell whose was whose, they personalized their snowblock maker with permanent marker. The boys simply wrote their initials. Caroline, on the other hand, decided to sign her full name. I LOVE how she wrote Elizabeth!

The kids have loved having our Elf on a Shelf...He's a scout elf for Santa, here at our house to keep an eye on our kiddos. He reports back to Santa each night about their behavior. Every morning he hides in the strangest places, and the kids all try to be the first to find him.

The kids (in birth order) each gave him a name, and so his full name is fabulously unique. Our Elf's name is Buddy (after Will Ferrell's ELF) Kranslin Fred Zart. Love it!

Two last things:
Happy birthday, Karen! I love you, my sister!
Our article in People should be on newstands tomorrow!

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