Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog in a Book

I've known it was possible for a while--my friend, Kathy, told me about it--but I finally did it. And I am SO EXCITED!

There are services out there that will take your blog's entries and capture them in a hard cover book for you. My blog, which I've been posting on for a little over a year now, couldn't fit in just one. :) So my two books will be arriving in mid-January!

I love this concept! I scrapbook for my family on the computer through my blog. Through my posts, the pictures I choose and edit are labeled, dated and explained. I write the stories that go with them. My friends and family can see it in real time. Then, a couple of times a year, I just order one of these books. Viola! DONE! Organizing, scrapbooking, sharing...this really pleases my multi-tasking mom mind. Can you tell?

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