Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trumpet Solo

...by Henry

Henry has really been enjoying the trumpet. He faithfully practices, loves his band class and teacher, and gives us free concerts any time we request it. He is progressing quite nicely, and is thinking about trying out for a jazz group at his school.

After school, Henry came home saying how awesome his friend, Alex is. I told him that I know that, but then asked him what prompted this latest praise. Henry told me that Alex had given him an early Christmas present...sheet music for his trumpet! :) So this afternoon Henry was having so much fun playing "Star Wars", "Harry Potter", and "The Simpsons". When he was done, he performed his latest songs for Evan and me.

The first he played was my request...Trumpet Voluntary. When Dave and I got married, a trumpet played that song when I was walking down the aisle. :)

Next up? Star Wars! Evan's favorite!

Last but not least...Harry Potter!

Excellent playing, Henry!

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Monkee said...

What a beautiful concert! And what a thoughtful friend!! :)