Monday, December 5, 2011

A Star and a Snooze

He had been waiting and waiting and waiting. And waiting. And FINALLY it was Evan's turn to be Star of the Week at his preschool. I can't even begin to describe how happy my boy was when he walked out of his classroom with his star poster in hand and told me his good news.

After lunch (at Burger King with his buddy, Connor) he wanted to get started on his poster right away. He wrote his name, Evan N, in the spot of honor, and then he picked a picture of himself, our family, and Moxie to display. Then Caroline (who was home with a low grade fever) and Evan colored the poster. (You can tell she played a part in it because of the pink and purple she used!)To finish up, I interviewed Evan and wrote what he said so that he could share about himself with his classmates.

They were so pleased with the finished project!!

A few things to share from the poster...
His dislikes include: bees, sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, pickles, girl toys and spiders
When Evan grows up, he wants to be: a daddy (Awwww!)
He is good at: swimming, coloring, being silly, playing, soccer, and catching frogs
His hobbies include: playing with his friends, coloring, drawing, playing with legos, playing with Play Dough, playing video games

Didn't they do a good job? :)

The following picture is like a little window into our life tonight. Dave was helping Seth on a math homework assignment. I was making dinner and folding laundry. Evan came over to ask me what we were having for dinner. I replied that we were having Turkey Tetrazinni. Unfortunately, partly because he was tired, and partly because he prefers pizza for every meal, he did not like my answer. He proceeded to protest and cry right next to me as I was folding clothes. He carried on for a couple of minutes, much to Seth's chagrin. Thankfully, though, his little tantrum was extremely short-lived. It was like all of the sudden someone flipped his switch off. He went from crying to sleeping in no time flat. Thank God! (The only downside? He was taking a nap in the evening, which did not bode well for bedtime.)

That laundry pile looks pretty comfortable, doesn't it?!

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