Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve's Eve and Christmas Eve with the Noseks!

This Christmas we were blessed to be able to celebrate with all of Dave's brothers and families. This is the whole family!

Dave's brother, Mark, set up a little studio in his parents living room so that we could take all kinds of group shots. Here's our family with Dave's parents. I thought it was so nice that Jean suggested we have Moxie in the picture because, as she said, Moxie is part of the family!I think that this picture of our family turned out well too!
Besides Christmas, we had another big reason to celebrate! My sister-in-law, Vika (Mike's wife), passed her test and became an American citizen. Congratulations, Vika!!!

This is the kids' table for our Christmas Eve's Eve :) dinner.

And this is the adults' table!
This is Dave, his younger brother, Andrew, and Andrew's son, Truman.

Opening presents!

Evan was in heaven when he got his Angry Birds game from his aunt and uncle.
At my sister-in-law's suggestion, Dave and I gave our niece, Nadia, the DS game, Kirby Mass Attack. That same game happened to be what our Seth wanted. Nadia opened up her game right before Seth did, so when it was his turn, he was one happy and relieved boy that he got the game too!
We stayed at my in-law's house kind of late because we wanted to watch the 20/20 episode that we were supposed to be on. Sadly, we weren't. :( Our picture must have wound up on the editing room floor. Oh well.

Then we traveled to the lakehouse and spent the night there. The next morning Dave and I made chili for the main meal of the day, which had to feed 19 adults and 12 kids. (We're a big group!) Dave cousin, Jude, Dave's brother, Mark, and their kids got to the lake early, so all together we were able to bring in the Christmas tree, deck the halls, and light a fire.

By the time Great Grandma and Aunt Debby arrived, the decorations, warm fire and yummy smells made the atmosphere at the lakehouse very Christmas-y. Great-Grandma walked into the family room, took it all in, and said, "I just love you all!" That moment brought tears to my eyes, and I will always remember it.

In the afternoon Dave, his brothers and cousins took their kids out for a hike and a football game. There was no snow on the ground this Christmas, but that made for excellent conditions for football!
Aunt Debby brought "present poppers" for the kids. The kids pulled strings on little presents, and they popped open to show little crowns and gifts inside. Here's our group of kiddos, minus little Truman who was napping.
Here's some second cousins gathered around the fire.
We then gathered in the family room to open presents...
as well as to listen to a little Christmas flute performance by Nadia.
Amazingly enough, in the midst of all of the Christmas revelry, cousin Jude fell sound asleep!

Great Grandma's grandchildren and great-grandchildren gave her a photo collage, including picture from all of her years at the lake!
I think she liked it! :)

After opening presents, Henry and some cousins played with his new set of Beyblades. We played A LOT of that game the past few days!
At the lakehouse, Moxie is only allowed in the kitchen. She does push her boundaries a little bit, though, by inching in on the family room carpet.
Grandpa Nosek and sweet baby Truman...I love this picture!
We gave Aunt Debby a half a case of wine and some yummy cocktail goodies. She decided to pose passed out by her gifts! I love her sense of humor!
Great Grandma and Aunt Debby...I love these two women!
It was a very merry Christmas Eve!