Saturday, April 17, 2010


After a sleepover and a big breakfast of cinnamon rolls, french toast sticks, bacon, eggs and diced potatoes, the boys wanted to take Caroline, Evan and I over to their newly discovered territory, "H.A.M.S." (They named it after themselves, Henry, Alex, Matthew and Seth, and it is conveniently located behind our house.)
They were excellent tour guides.

They explained to a very curious Evan all the sights and wonders along the way.

Matthew gave a detailed explanation of all the fun you can have with "exploding cat tails".

They brought all of the proper equipment we needed, including walkie-talkies.

So much beauty to see!

Here's our youngest hiker trying to keep up with our oldest!

Evan definitely kept up, and then some!
We crossed streams.

We posed for pictures.

We had a fabulous adventure with good friends!
That was a Saturday morning well-spent.

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Kitty-Kitty-Boom-Boom said...

I remember quite well exploring our neighborhood as a child and declaring new territory :) Sounds like a great Saturday!