Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Elf on a Shelf

So...Buddy (our Elf on a Shelf) is back!  The kids love to come downstairs every morning to see where Buddy is hiding.  Yesterday morning after they found Buddy in our entry way, they decided to write some notes to him.  :)

Caroline's note said:
Dear Buddy,
Please hide in safer spots.  I am worried that somebody will bump into you, or lean up against you. (Editor's note: If that happened, Buddy would lose his magic, and would not be able to fly back and forth between here and the North Pole.)  I liked when you were having a piggy back ride on one of the wise men.  And last year when you were climbing the chandelier.  At least it looked like it.  Oh, and tell Santa that I would like a grey squirrel finger puppet, a circle chair and a dock station.  I love you, Buddy.  I love Santa too.
With love,
From Evan:
Dear Buddy,
Please tell Santa that I want the Avengers toys except for Hulk and Captain America.  (Editor's note: Evan just received those on his birthday, and is in love with them!)  I also want a big dog stuffed animal.

Caroline drew a picture of Buddy! 
Seth also wrote a note, but I didn't see that until after I took the pictures.

This morning they found Buddy in our candy jar, holding some Snickers and a note scroll.  The kids laughed at how small Buddy's handwriting is.
It's so fun to share this Christmas magic with the kids!

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