Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evan's 6th Birthday Party!!

Well, the day that Evan has been eagerly anticipating for weeks (or rather, months) finally came.  We had his friends join us at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Evan's 6th birthday!

Evan invited some of his friends that went to preschool with him (Jack and Connor)

as well as Kindergarten friends and neighbors!  His people.
So, between his friends, games, pizza and chocolate cake, Evan was in his happy place!
Silly Chuck E. was wearing Evan's birthday crown...
and then when he relinquished the crown to Evan, just look how Chuck E. put it on him!

The birthday boy!

Our hostess led the kids in a birthday dance.

Evan got a turn in the ticket blaster, and caught so many tickets while Chuck E. and his friends watched!

Then it was Chuck E's turn, which the kids found quite funny!
He opened his presents from all of his friends, and they totally spoiled him!
After most of Evan's friends left, Jayla and Evan got to play some more together.  She is such a sweet little friend...I think Evan has a little crush on her because he follows her everywhere!
Happy birthday, Evan!  Can't wait until your family party tomorrow!

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