Thursday, December 6, 2012

My poor baby!

Poor Moxie developed a cyst after a tick bit her a year ago.  The vet has been watching it, and decided that it needed to be removed.  So on Tuesday I brought her in.  They gave her a general anesthesia while they did the surgery, so she was there most of the day.  She had a two-inch incision!  Ouch!  When we brought her home, she was in a lot of pain and wanted to be right with us all the time.  The kids were very worried about her, and very sweetly and gently doted on her.  Dave even slept on the couch in the family room so that he could stay by her. :)  She is always so loving when any of us are sick, so of course we want to love on her too when she feels unwell!

Yesterday she started eating and drinking again, much to our relief.  She is still hurting a lot, and the poor thing has to wear the "cone of shame" which she REALLY despises, but hopefully in a few days she'll be back to her old self!  The vet said that she should heal pretty quickly.

Get well soon, Moxie!

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