Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 18th birthday, Mom!

Today I took the train to go spend the day with my mom for her birthday.  (As you may recall, she is a leap year baby, so she just turned 18 on Wednesday!)  She picked me up at the train station, and then we went to have a yummy lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant downtown.  (Dave offered to bring the kids and spend the day with us too, but as much as I love all of them, it was nice to just have my mom to myself for a while!)

After lunch, we headed back to my parents' house, where we worked on her computer, updating her Facebook and downloading some pictures.  Also, we started up a home decor blog for her.  She has such an amazing talent, and it will be so fun to learn from her as she shares her decorating.  I'm so proud of her!  If you'd like to check out her blog, just click Good Better Best!

Dave and the kids joined us for dinner at our favorite pizza place.

These kids love their grandma!

When we got back home for the night, we curled up with my dad's Dragons and Dinosaurs book. He wrote a collection of poems about dragons and dinosaurs when my siblings and I were growing up. The book is being illustrated and published! It has been so fun to see something we've all been dreaming about for so long all come together! YAY, Dad!

After stories, Moxie always knows to accompany Dave and me upstairs to tuck the kids into bed. She is a sweet dog...

...and, as the kids say, she makes a great pillow pet!

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