Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emma's baptism

On Sunday, Emma Katherine was baptized!  Emma is the daughter of our dear friends, Kathy and Tom. We were so honored (and honestly very tearful as well) when they asked us to be her God parents. 
We love their whole family, and how could you not?!!  Look at these five fine young men, with their little sister!

Emma was absolutely beautiful in her christening gown.
Emma was so good during the sacrament.  One of my favorite moments was when the priest blessed her.  As soon as he was finished, Emma gave the sweetest smile!
After the baptism, we went to their house for a little party.  Here's Dave and I with our God daughter, Emma!
Caroline has been very happy to have a new "God sister".  Caroline and Emma can definitely empathize with each other because they each have so many brothers!
What a precious new life!
God bless you, Emma!

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