Thursday, March 15, 2012

75 degrees

In mid-March!

I know this weather is definitely an anomaly for this time of the year, and we might yet have snow, but it is so good to know the good stuff is coming. 

After Evan and I dropped the kids off at school, we went to visit my sister, Karen and my nephew, Robbie.  We met them outside of Robbie's preschool, and when they dismissed him he ran to give all of us a big hug.  Love this boy!!

We headed to Chick-Fil-A...yummmm.  I make an exception to my diet for their chicken sandwich.  It would be a sin not to.  :)  The boys got to play at their play place after they ate while my sister and I caught up.

We topped it all off by going to a park, where we soaked in the sunshine, watched our boys have fun together, and enjoyed a perfect breeze. 
How cute are they coming down the slide together, both of their mouths open with the thrill of it?!
Thanks for the perfect day, Mother Nature, and for the good company to enjoy it, Karen and Robbie!

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