Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Crazy Scouts

Last night, Henry had a Board of Review at the Boy Scout meeting.  A Board of Review is kind of like an interview, and in that interview three committee members of our troop decide if the scout is ready to be advanced to the next rank.  Well, after several months of working on his advancement, it was decided that Henry had fulfilled all of the requirements of 1st Class Scout!!  He has been going to almost every scout meeting, camp out and service project this year, and has been doing as many merit badges as he can, so we are very proud of his commitment and hard work.  He will not be wearing his scout neckerchief anymore because a first class scout wears a "bolo", or a shoestring tie.  He will get that tie as well as his new rank badge at our next court of honor in a couple of weeks.

After the meeting, I wanted to take a quick picture of my scouts before they went to bed.  They were still kind of excited from the meeting, so for the first few pictures, I just let them be squirrelly. 

In this one, when I was taking the picture, I noticed that Seth had his eyes closed for a few seconds.  As soon as I snapped the picture, he said, "Uh, sorry...I think I blinked."  Funny guy!  I was laughing so hard!

Seth was kind of full of it.  :)

As soon as they got that out of their system, I finally wound up getting a nice picture of my scouts. 

I told the boys that I remembered another time when they were goofing around taking pictures after an advancement in scouts.  Seth had just become a Tiger Cub at a Pack Meeting.  He was 6, and Henry was 8.  I showed the boys the pictures...

and we all agreed...
that some things...

never change.  :)

I love my scouts!


Joy Brown said...

Oh Wow! Look how they have grown! :)

Mary Ellen said...

I am so thankful that you are such a good picture taker! I can't get over the similarity in the pictures! How wonderful that they are sharing the experience of scouting!