Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Eagle Scout Ceremony

This past summer, Henry volunteered at a fellow scout's Eagle project.  This scout put many of the boys in his troop as well as their parents to work landscaping our town's cemetery.  The finished project is beautiful.  It is kind of neat that this project is one of the first things that you see when you come into our town, and our boys can watch the landscaping mature over the years and know that they took part in it.  The boy scout who organized this Eagle project was granted the Boy Scouts' highest honor, the Eagle award.  Henry, Seth and I went to his Eagle Court of Honor today.    To hear about this scout's journey from a Tiger Cub first grader to an Eagle Scout senior was so moving, especially because we are on that journey now with Henry and Seth.  There were so many memories shared by people who had watched and helped this young man grow up to be the Scout he is today.  It was so good for Henry, Seth, and all of the younger scouts to see.  It was good for me to see as well because it reaffirmed our commitment to this program and to this community of good people.  :)  (See Henry and Seth in the front row?  They are the second and third scouts from the right.)

Henry was asked to take part in the color guard for the ceremony.  It was his first time to do this, and it really meant a lot to Henry because he really admires this new Eagle Scout.  Henry did a great job!

Congratulations, Nick!

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Joy Brown said...

What an honor! Way to go, boys!