Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want life to SLOW DOWN.

I am so serious. It is going to fast and I can't catch up.

Or even if I do, darn it all if I don't fall hopelessly behind again the very next day.

I'm having one of those nights where I worked late on various housework, crawled in bed dead tired, and now simply can't fall asleep.

My brain keeps thinking about all that I need to do, all that the kids need to do, what I'm not getting done, and how lame I am that I am not getting it done.

And to top it off, I'm going on a outdoor field trip all day tomorrow with Henry's class. Good thing I'm wide awake at 1:45 AM.

It really stinks how things are so dramatic at this time in the night. Probably in the morning, I won't feel the weight of the world ;) on my shoulders. (Why can't I find Caroline's monkey pajama shirt that she so desperately wants to wear to tomorrow's pajama day?!) Or maybe if I do, I'll be too tired to care. :)

I keep thinking that I'll be able to breathe easier once the kids' birthdays are past, and we get the first month of school and school projects under our belts. But then my mind skips ahead to the next round of things we want to get done, scouts, CCD and (GASP!!) the holidays.

I really wish that I could push the pause button on life right now, and then hit "play" when I'm good and ready. Or...where is that "easy" button when I need it?!

Thank you for allowing me this moment to vent. Hopefully now I'll be able to sleep. Back to your regularly scheduled sane Sarah posts starting tomorrow. :)


5boys4kathy said...

I hear you Sarah. I need a pause button too. Maybe I could pause the day for 8 hours, and actually get to sleep. Then use the other 24 hours to get stuff done!

Kitty-Kitty-Boom-Boom said...

I totally feel ya sister! That's why they make wine ;)

Sarah said...

LOL Kathy and Kitty! :)