Monday, September 6, 2010

Falling into bed

Really, that's what we should have been doing.

We had a big weekend at home and at the lake (our last Sunday for the summer...sigh), and came home exhausted. It was one of those nights that we should have just made sandwiches for dinner, showered, and had everyone climb into bed early.

We didn't. Among other things, we unpacked and did laundry, made a big meal, gave the dog a haircut, got everyone clean and showered (including the dog, who was FILTHY from lots of lake fun), packed lunches, and walked the dog.

And despite the fact that I am now running on fumes, I'm feeling pretty good. We're ready for tomorrow. I have 4 children to get out the door to school by 8:30. Tomorrow is Evan's first day of school!

He's very excited. He actually wanted to go today. Hopefully, he'll keep that enthusiasm when I drop him off tomorrow. I'm not sure what to expect out of him, whether he'll be fine or crying. We'll see...say a little prayer for him, will you? For that matter, would you mind saying a little prayer for his mom too?! I'm not really sure how I'll handle it either. ;)

We had such a great time up at the lake this weekend. It's hard to believe that summer at the lake is officially over. Dave was a little melancholy on the way home. The men took down the pier and brought the boat in yesterday and today. 9 more months until our next summer fun there! :(

I was also a little melancholy. I have no idea how this happened, but I forgot to bring my camera this weekend. Hopefully my brother-in-law will send me a few...

Oh well. I do have a cute little video of the kids and Moxie for you to watch. Dave was washing out some of the kids' toy bins on Saturday. Moxie was chasing the water everywhere, much to the kids' delight. I love listening to their laughter. God bless Moxie because she brings about a lot of it!

(Video will be posted soon.)

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