Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy birthday, sweet Caroline!

Caroline is one lucky brand new 7 year old! We celebrated at breakfast this morning with cinnamon rolls and bacon. She opened up her present from Dave and I, which was a Nintendo DS, Scribblenauts and Nintendogs, and a DS case. Her brothers wanted to help her learn how to play her DS, and she was soaking up all of the attention. (Is Seth's early morning hair style not the best thing you've ever seen?!) She brought pencils to share with her class and got a book from her principal. The lunchroom sang "Happy Birthday" to her! (Love that!) Her class and teacher made her a birthday wishes book. She went to play at her good friend Elyse's house, where they played dolls and DS download together. What a combination! She then proceeded to have a little birthday soccer practice, and then came home for her requested birthday dinner of pizza and milk. :) Evan had made Caroline's favorite dessert, brownies.
Yes, Caroline is one lucky seven year old. Superman even came to her celebration.

And here's our rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday!" I think Superman needs to slow it down a little...

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.

Happy birthday, Peanut!

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Kitty-Kitty-Boom-Boom said...

Awww Happy Birthday Caroline! (I totally want to sing... "Sweeeet Care-o-line, bum, bum, bum,!)